1. Start Tracking Where Your Leads Come From

It’s amazing that a lot of business owners that I speak to don’t measure and keep records of their most effective marketing initiatives. This applies to whether you’re using digital marketing or other more traditional marketing strategies. You might ask me: “Why is that important?”, or say “I don’t have time…”, or “I don’t have resources”…

Well, it’s like running a business without financial statements. How do you even know that your business is still going to be there tomorrow?  Or how much money is being flushed down the toilet because you are wasting time on customers who are the least likely to buy from you?

By knowing where your leads and sales are coming from, then you know where to invest your marketing and sales resources and you will know the likelihood of success the data you have. This means that success will be more predictable and your business’ cash flow will start being more stable the more you do it.

2. Get Clear On Who Your Customer Is & How You Can Get To Them


One of the other MAJOR benefits of measuring your marketing effectiveness is that you become clear on your customer is. One of the things that make businesses win, that make sales easier to get and that helps you get more control of your income is knowing and understanding who your customer is, knowing what they want and satisfying their most important needs better than your competitors.

In the end, absolutely NO business is perfect, BUT, in my experience, the businesses who do well are the kind that do the important things better than other.

One of those most important things is serving your customers.

So now the question is… what do your customers want? And is your business designed in such a way as to give it to them. By this I mean, if they respond to price is your business able to give them the lowest… if they respond to quality, can you do that… and if they care about service, are you addressing that…

3. Review What’s Working Now And Replicate It…


If you’re fortunate enough to still be in business and you are getting customers (it does have to be a lot). It means you at least know where to start. Now (brace for a shameless self-promotion) the big benefits of digital marketing is that you can replicate and expand your most effective marketing or lead generation strategies to several other markets without breaking a sweat.

Now don’t get me wrong, that kind of initiative still needs effort and investment, but my point is that you are just expanding on what already working. The odds of it working are much better than starting on something completely new and untested.

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