As business owners, we want to invest in our business and grow its cash flow and value as an asset.

One of the things we do is get a website designed. Usually, to get more credibility for our business and have a place that will help customers find us, learn about our business and browse through our products.

That’s usually where a lot of businesses stop.

However, we have to move past the “every business needs a website” conversation to the “how is the website helping your business grow and how do we measure it” conversation.

The problem now isn’t access to getting a website, but it’s in that not everybody has a plan on how to make it an asset to your business.

Yes… you heard me right. A website can actually become an asset in your balance sheet. Which means it will enhance your business’ value when you sell your company.

But how?

First, we need a plan to make it an asset…

The problem is that there are a few businesses that don’t have a marketing process or a sales process is written down for their business. This creates a big problem because they never begin to establish consistency in leads and never start the journey to stabilizing the business’ cash flow.

A website is supposed to help you do the above.

But not having a plan or process in place then starts to devalue your investment in your website. It stops being an asset, i.e, a marketing tool that helps your sales in a tangible way to “any kind of website will do as long as it looks pretty.”

In this post, I will try to show you how a website can be leveraged by a business to boost leads.

How Do Your Customers Shop?

Understanding how your customer shop and how they make their buying decision is important when building a website.

It helps you know what to put on there. It’s better if you have actual customers that have told you what’s important them, or past sales experience or have done research in the market.


What is Your Unique Selling Proposition?

Being clear about what makes your different and getting that design into your marketing and sales process will help your message stand out.

Remember, on the internet, everyone pretty much looks the same if the customer doesn’t know you. If you don’t have something they want chances are that there are 10 other websites that say the same thing as you and this makes you disappear into the crowd.

Can you make your customer notice you?


After Visting Your Website… What’s Do They Do Next?

As part of designing your website to give you a good return on your money. You have to know how to measure its success.

So do they have a patch to follow that will show them your best qualities?

Think of it like selling a house… if you are an agent… you want to find out if your customers have kids, a pet, what they do on weekends, hobbies etc.

Why?… so that you can show your valued prospect the features of the house that they would be interested in and that would benefit them… So that you help them make the best choice for their situation.

A well-designed website that has clear goals helps you get the same effect. Think of it like having a sales agent who delivers the perfect presentation every time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any additional effort from you.

And all you have to do from there is get more people to visit.

This way you can have this designed into your website for impact, helping you move your leads closer to the sale.



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