Getting Started with a digital marketing strategy is a very difficult job. There are so many varying factors for each business. This post aims to simply give you a soft guideline about where to start when thinking about a digital strategy for your business in 2019.

Whether you’re starting out or trying to do more in the coming year, this guide will get those creative juices flowing


We’ll start by breaking down the process into 3 oversimplified steps.

Opportunity, Strategy & Action.

Simple right. Yes, but not easy…

Let’s begin.


Spotting A Good Digital Marketing Opportunity To Grow Your Business


What is digital marketing contributing now?

If you haven’t started yet, that’s ok. It does have some implications though.
It means that some of your marketing budget needs to go to research and testing. In the future of digital, the most valuable commodity will be data.
So your investment in research and testing your marketing strategy will help you guide future decisions and get better ROI.

I wrote a blog post about how to do some top level marketing research to be able to figure out if there is an opportunity to take advantage of in this post.

If you have a website, a social media account or have other digital marketing initiatives that you have started with, this is where you need to find out how well you have been doing if you have been keeping track.

How many click-throughs, how much traffic, views, email opt-ins etc. have you been getting from your digital marketing investment so far.

Have you been generating leads? If so, from where?

Where have you been doing well and not so well?

All that information needs to be used to inform your digital marketing plan.


Current digital marketing capabilities?

So this is where we look at what we can do to either maintain or up our game for the next marketing initiative. How will we get better and can we commit the resources needed to execute our marketing plan.

Is training required?

Is a consultant required to help us strategise and implement the foundational analytics to measure performance?

How will we manage our marketing plan better to make sure that we are obtaining value from it?

What are the key issues we need to manage this time around?

Do we have our SMART Goals, Objectives & KPIs defined? 

What are we aiming for this digital marketing initiative contribute in the next planning period?



Digital Marketing Strategy Planning

Set A Strategy

What is the vision for digital media channels? It’s important to be clear about what will digital marketing contribute in the long-term to your bottom-line. Marketing strategies don’t necessarily contribute to the company in money terms directly, but the in-direct contributions also make a sizeable impact.

For example, a brand awareness and public relations campaign can help your salespeople close sales faster and easier. This reduction in the friction in your sales process could help your business decrease the sales cycle thus freeing up capacity to handle more sales and help ease cash flow constraints.

What existing and new approaches will we use to segment your target audience and target them more effectively to boost acquisition and retention?
I consider the buyer profile or customer avatar as a very useful foundational tool in this respect. It gives you a good starting point for your market analysis.

If you have data from your current customers and from your past digital marketing initiatives. It would be valuable to also include them here.

Having some data analysis skills will definitely help here.

The key objective here is to find another way to group target customers. Grouping your target customers differently means you find other common traits or attributes that will help you communicate them in a fresh, impactful way.
Can you find another perspective, digital media, or another new way to communicate with them which will add value to them and your business.


The Value Proposition

How can we improve value delivered by the brand, it’s product or service? This conversation generally needs us become more creative with about how the digital avenues give our customers more of what they want.

So what do our customers want?

One of most interesting article I’ve read from about how to think about the value your product provides was from the Harvard Business Review called “The Elements Of Value”.


It points out some of the most obvious and obscure elements of value that our products and services can deliver. More importantly, what additional value our digital marketing strategy can provide to our clients, as an added benefit for doing business with us.

Called the Online Value Proposition.

So in order to get the best out of a digital marketing initiative. We must ask ourselves: “How can the value delivered by our brand, it’s products or services be enhanced by digital marketing?”


Digital Marketing Strategy In Action

Take Action

Start With Digital Governance (a very corporate sounding term)

In this case, it really just means the following. If you are implementing a digital marketing strategy to grow the business.  What is the plan to improve People, Process, Tools and Metrics?
Specifics are required at this stage, the who’s, what’s, when’s, why’s and how much’s. (I know I streched it there 🙂 )

Depending on each business situation, it’s usually best to break down implementation plans into 90-day sprints, to still keep it feeling urgent, but have enough time to complete sizeable chunks of the objectives.

Write down some detailed resourcing requirements and timescales i.e. What staff, agency and tools are needed to implement the 90-day plan?

Optimize-Optimize-Optimize. What measurement and testing are planned to improve the of the most important aspects that help us become more efficient and effective?

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