a step by step strategy

This is a simplified guide to make the process to developing a sales strategy as seamless and as effective as possible…

Look at your sales figures over the last

3 – 12 months:

  • How many successful sales did you enjoy,
  • Where were those sales generated from, 
  • Who closed the sales,
  • How many leads did you receive,
  • Were these repeat buyers or new customers.

Step 1:

understand your starting point

This isn’t always pleasant to do, especially when our numbers are not the greatest but it is important.

The sales figures should give you valuable insights to spot trends within the business, this makes it easier to see what’s working and what is not. It also a base to determine what you’re working towards.


That takes us to step 2.

Step 2: clarify your SALES goal & get buy-in

We need to get specific on the exact goal and why.

It is easy to get caught up in the day to day running of your business but we want to make sure that you’re always making strides forward in your business.

Write down the sales goal, reiterate it at every chance, make it a mantra and have your team working towards it. 


Unclear goal “Grow sales”

SMART goal “Grow sales by 8% to R100 000 by financial year-end”

SMARTER goal (includes a reason) “Grow sales by 8% to R100 000 by financial year-end so we can afford to hire another team member and grow our business to the next level.”

What is a buyer persona? 

This is a representation of your ideal/most common client and covers details like:

  • Demographic Info: Age, Sex, Career, Location etc
  • What is important to your client when choosing: cost/ quality/ speed/ prestige etc
  • What are your clients biggest challenges in relation to your product / service

Step 3:

understand your client

Their challenges, what they like, what’s important to them.

The business that thrives in sales is the business that always has an ear and a heart for their clients.

Build your sales strategies to feed into those wants, needs, desires and earn your clients loyalty.

Building a buyer persona can help you figure out what your clients wants. 

Step 4: figure out your angle

Now we at the “how” in your plan.

For a successful strategy you must understand:

– the competition and

– what you have to offer the market (your unique value proposition)

  • The Competition

If you’re not sure about who your competition is you can start with a simple google search for what you offer.

Analyze their information, what’s their marketing angle and strategy?


  • Unique Value Proposition

Unique value proposition is the unique advantage of using your product or service.

Sometimes it can seem like your competitor is bigger and better than you and it’s difficult to find your UVP but your business can develop this over time.

We also offer some tips on this in our downloadable step by step guide.

review of the first 4 steps


These first 4 steps have

all been around building clarity.

You should be able to answer yes

to each of the below questions

before moving ahead

Are you clear

on your short-term

sales goal (3 – 12 months)

Do you have a

clear understanding

of your ideal client

Do you understand

the value proposition

of your 3 main competitors

Do you have

at least 3 reasons

why the client should choose

you over your competitors


Where the real work starts

We have to dig a bit deeper to find out at which part of the process your leads are falling off. Let’s strategize around what works and what doesn’t in these next points…

To build your full online strategy (including steps 5 -7)

please download our step by step guide below.

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