Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a set of tactics incorporating blogging, creating downloads, social media, guest blogging, SEO and more to promote your business by creating and distributing relevant content to your target audiences to attract them to your website.

Who Is This For?

This tactic is for businesses that want to create an inbound marketing strategy. This means that you don’t call clients to offer them your services but strategically place yourself at the place where your customers would look when shopping for your services or products.

Helping you appear at the right time and place.

Content Marketing

So what does content marketing look like in action?

Think back to the last useful blog post you read, a video you watched, or infographic you downloaded? Where and how did you find it? Did you find it useful? And as a result, what impression do you now have of the writer or creator? If it was any good, you know think positively and are more likely to purchase from them. That is content marketing.

It’s a way to promote yourself and your business without outwardly selling.

Instead of push… content marketing is ‘pull’. It’s more about attracting customers.

To keep it simple, you want to communicate with your customers. You want them to see you as a credible business. You want to show your knowledge and skills without being irritatingly screaming “Hey look at me” or “buy my stuff” all the time…

And you want to do it in a way that still generate sales.

Content Marketing

Content Audit & Needs Analysis

To start you need a plan, what content to create vs what content you have. This is where we help you find out, so that don’t waste money and become more effective.

Content Distribution Channel

Planning on where to put your content so that your best customer sees it, is just as important than what you create. Let’s find out where that is so we can make it’s seen.

Our services


Our content marketing services can be purchased separately or all together.

We know how to help you save money, set goals, achieve them and grow.

Content Creation

Now for the fun part. We help you create content that’s powerful using the best storytelling techniques to help you become more memorable.


The biggest question. How do you know it’s working? Analytics is your answer. Here we help you set goals for your content so that you can achieve great ROI.

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Let’s find out what you need, find your channels and set your goals. We can consult telephonically, but based on your budget we can come to your offices.


Here’s were we set budgets, timelines and down to the specifics of your plan and what happens when.


Then we can start creating your content, distributing using your and 3rd party channels and measuring your results.



Get more visitors to your website seeing you great offers to directly increase your sales.


Being known by customers for your services, making you sales easier

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